Mariachi Workshops and Mariachi Consulting

Mariachi workshops and Mariachi consulting featuring Steve Carrillo, of the world famus Mariachi Cobre!

The workshops have been developed with young musicians in mind to encourage and prepare a strong musical foundation in the correct principles of singing and playing in the style of Mariachi.  Our workshops are small in nature and therefore the value of the training is generally more substantial than that offered at conferences.  Private tutoring in voice, Mariachi instruments and arranging is available.  Instruction and the seminars are done by Manny Lujan and Mariachi Cobre members to ensure the highest quality training available.  As part of our workshops, we offer a “feeder” system to the Mariachi Conferences as well as training for a professional career in Mariachi.

We at Vocalis-Pro., are sensitive to budget constrains and therefore will tailor the workshops to your specific needs be it a school, a school system, community or statewide.  We have a training program for every situation. 

This program can be divided into several parts, depending on your selection of courses. 

The basic program includes:

  1. Voice lessons (group and individual)
  2. Mariachi instruments (group and individual) violin, guitar, vilhuela, guitarron or trumpet
  3. Rehearsal of music for the evening concert.  Music will be provided to the school/participants and should be prepared in advance.  Lead sheets will be provided for singers who want to audition for solos.
  4. Arranging and conducting is also available upon request. All participants will perform in the final concert.

“Why are our Mariachi Workshops important to the young musician and a music program?”

  1. Because they meet the needs of the young Mariachi musician
  2. They provide a “feeder system” to the existing Mariachi Conferences
  3. They emphasize individualized instruction
  4. We strive to keep the students immersed in the music by making the seminars interesting and challenging, while instilling the importance of Mariachi Music.
  5. Our workshops tend to work out vocal and instrumental problems and teach techniques for achieving improved performance.
  6. We provide a low student/teacher ration with individual and ensemble classes

Implementing a Mariachi Program

Drawing from the creative experience of Mariachi Cobre, one of the finest Mariachis in the world, we will work closely with your school or organization to provide a personalized Mariachi Program.  We begin by gaining a complete understanding of your requirements.  Then drawing from your goals and our vast experience and resources, we create a custom-tailored Mariachi Program for your school or organization, and see the implementation through, from the beginning to the end.

Vocalis-pro is in the forefront of vocal production.  We are Voice Teachers and Mariachi Superstars clearly adept in teaching in the style of Mariachi. When you book with us, you know that you will be with one of the best organizations in the business, from vocal production and Mariachi performance.  Our dedicated staff is ready to assist you in planning your next Mariachi workshop, school program or concert by providing you with the finest musicians and lecturers available.  Our VOCAL PRESENTATION SEMINARS INCLUDE AUDIO-VISUAL PROTOCOL, LECTURES ON VOCAL PRODUCTION, MARIACHI INSTRUMENTS, GROUP AND/OR INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOPS SESSIONS, CARE AND MAINTENANCE OF THE VOICE AND INSTRUMENTS ALWAYS WITH EMPHASIS ON PERFORMANCE.

“OUR CONSULTING SERVICES and our Mariachi Music Workshops are available to high schools, colleges and universities, recording studios, recording artists, theme parks and Mariachi Conferences.  We also offer corporate executive vocal training and Private Vocal Training Programs


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