Welcome to Vocalis-Pro Inc.

We are voice teachers, whose physical studio is in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, in the shadow of Walt Disney World, Universal and Sea World Theme Parks. We train singers in all aspects of the vocal entertainment industry and in all styles of music from Opera, Broadway, Pop, Country, Latin Pop and Mariachi.

We have two major types of clients: those who have trained at Vocalis-Pro., Inc. and have reached the pinnacle of achievement in their respective chosen careers and those who are pursuing a vocal career trying to achieve that lofty status. Some of our clients are well-known singers, radio and television hosts and television personalities as well as voice-over specialists.

Most of our business is on a one-to-one in sitio and by telephone. While having a voice lesson over the phone seems difficult, its not. There are inherent problems teaching over the phone, but one learns quickly how to overcome those obstacles. What we do over the phone is to increase the strength of the voice and make sure that the voice keeps growing and improving in the correct way and no bad habits pop up. We do sing songs over the phone, mostly with chording accompaniment to keep the client on key.

We also travel to any location needed for vocal consultation with the client, particularly tours, recordings, concerts and to be on hand and help our clients through the event.

Our well-known faculty consists of Manny Lujan, Kenneth L. Nielsen and Stephen Carrillo, who does our Mariachi Programs. Please check our bios.


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